Amaryllis Flower Meaning, Symbolism and Color Styles

Amaryllis Flower Meaning, Symbolism and Color Styles

Regularly given as a gift during the holiday, the captivating amaryllis flower is usually viewed as an indication of cheery joy.

While that’s real, this flower has plenty of other meanings, too. Typically offered as a potted plant, the amaryllis is commonly grown inside since the bulbs are a few of the few that favor indirect or partial sunshine. They are also exotic plants that require warm temperatures in order to flourish.

This flower has rather complicated origins and a lot more confusing name– however we will break whatever down for you in our quick guide to the amaryllis flower meaning and symbolism.

What Does the Word Amaryllis Mean?

The etymology of words “amaryllis” is a little bit complicated, however it’s also fairly interesting. Amaryllis is the usual name for flowers that come from the hippeastrum genus.

The Hippeastrum category has more than 90 varieties and 600 various cultivars. Native to exotic areas, these flowers can be found in a variety of shades.

Words Hippeastrum describes the Greek word for “knight’s star” or “horseman’s celebrity” and acknowledges the flowers’ star-like style.

What Does the Amaryllis Flower Symbolize?

The amaryllis flower has a solid heritage that is worth and one-of-a-kind sharing. According to timeless Greek folklore, the amaryllis stemmed with the love that the greek maiden Amaryllis had for the guard Alteo. A solid, good-looking guy with a passion for flowers, Alteo was preferred by many other women.

To win his affections, Amaryllis needed to take a trip to the oracle of Delphi for recommendations. She was advised to sand beyond Alteo’s home for thirty evenings, repeatedly piercing her heart with a golden arrow. On the last night, a flower derived from her blood and after that gained Alteo’s heart.

As you might anticipate, the amaryllis flower currently stands as a profound icon of decision, love, and elegance. It can additionally represent hope and accomplishment, also.

Etymological Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower

The Greeks called these beautiful flowers Amarullis, which means “elegance” or “sparkling.” Words appears to find from a character in a popular poem by Virgil. The fairy Amaryllis had a dramatic method of proclaiming her love for a garden enthusiast named Alteo.

She pierced her heart with a golden arrowhead at his door daily for one month. That’s why amaryillis flowers are commonly a crimson. However, the gardener was unimpressed with Amaryillis’s bloodlettings and ignored her.

The Romans, that frequently talked Greek for casual celebrations, obtained the Greek word and became the Latin Amaryllis. Modern English just gets where Latin ended.

Symbolism of the Amaryllis Flower

Although botanists and taxonomists may quibble over what precise species are amaryllises, the symbolism hasn’t transformed a lot in centuries.

  1. In antiquity, amaryllis signifies the blood of the love-struck fairy Amaryllis.
  2. For the Victorian gentlemen, an amaryllis means a strong, self-confident and very beautiful woman.
  3. A star-shaped or trumpet-shaped amaryllis also signifies pride.

Amaryllis Flower Colour Meanings

This flower does not just flower in strong tones of red– although that’s definitely our favourite. You can additionally discover amaryllis in trendy white shades, vivid purples and bubblegum pinks.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift with a special meaning, we’ve damaged down what each of these colours is stated to symbolise below.

  • Pink amaryllis – The flowers that grow in this feminine shade are believed to symbolise love and relationship. The excellent choice as a present for a close friend at Christmas then.
  • Purple amaryllis – Amaryllis flowers in deep tones of purple are related to royalty and spirituality. Great for that buddy that is everything about reviewing and aligning chakras tarot card cards.
  • White amaryllis – In some instances, this colour amaryllis is picked to stand for compassion flowers when grieving a liked one. Send out white amaryllis to someone that has actually lost a person close to them to allow them recognize you’re thinking of them.
  • Orange amaryllis – The fiery orange shades of this flower symbolise happiness and healthiness. It’s a terrific selection for a person that you want to send heal desires to.
  • Yellow amaryllis – If you intend to wish an enjoyed one all the best then give them an amaryllis flower, whether it be for a test they’re prepping or if they’re waiting on some large information.

Meaning of the Amaryllis Flower

Elegance– It is no marvel that such an attractive flower has this kind of hidden meaning behind it. Amaryllis flowers are just distinctive and their existence in a bouquet is most definitely going to be discovered.

Attention– Amaryllis flower is certainly mosting likely to bring attention to it. This beautiful flower is mosting likely to be a perfect eye-piece for your residence or for the bouquet you prepared to someone you love.

These gorgeous flowers were icons of focus even in the past, due to the fact that they were merely attracting individuals’s eyes whenever they were close.

Satisfaction– Victorians thought about these flowers to be symbols of satisfaction. They represent individuals’s vanity and solid satisfaction, and if you wanted to send somebody this sort of message, Amaryllis flowers were ideal for that.

Some also utilized them to make others upset, specifically considering that the message of satisfaction was extremely solid.

Unrequited love– The Amaryllis flower is additionally an icon of unreturned or unrequited love. There is also a story or a poem to be exact, about a Greek fairy called Amaryllis that passed away fruitless after she had not been noticed by the love of her life.

This is why these flowers specifically can be used and sent to the ones who hurt you or to the ones you are trying to send out a message to.

Amaryllis – Botanical Facts and Features

By planting Amaryllis from a seed you will certainly get strong and healthy bulbs, yet on the other hand this procedure is sluggish. Bulbs are going to be formed in the 3rd year.

he seeds of amaryllis are directly grown from the flowers while they still have an environment-friendly shade. The seeds rapidly adapt and if left longer, it can begin to stick still in the fruit, and for that reason rapidly sheds germination. The seed is usually heated up at 21 ° C with continuous substrate wetness.

In twenty days, young plants start to show up. When young plants create a 2nd fallen leave, they are put at a range of 5 centimeters between plants, and in winter they are maintained in a bright location at a temperature of 15-17 ° C.

The list below year, in springtime, the plants are once again placed at a distance of 7-8 centimeters in between plants or in different pots of diameter 6 cm. For the 3rd year, the plants are transplanted in pots of size 9-10 centimeters or in the garden at a distance of 10 × 10 or 12 × 12 centimeters between the plants.

When planting, care ought to be taken that regarding 1/3 of the bulb is above the surface of the soil. Throughout plants, feeding is done every 10 days with complex fertilizers.

In the third year young bulbs are obtained from the seed, in September you must quit watering and let them rest, so that next spring they are ready to flower.

After sowing the seed of Amaryllis and the emergence of young plants will begin. You can leave them in pots to grow until following springtime, and after that plant them in the garden or pick up at a greater range or in different pots.

Some producers of Amaryllis, after sowing seeds for 2 years, leave young plants in the very same pots without interrupting vegetation, with normal savings, however after that sowing at a bigger range, 5 × 5 centimeters or even more. After the 3rd year, larger light bulbs are separated and a pause is in order for the following spring to prosper.

No matter how you treat them throughout the very first, 2nd and third year vegetation, all the light bulbs will not be the same size, so some bulbs bloom 3 years after sowing, and some after 4. The manufacturing of Amaryllis from the seed creates brand-new ranges and crossbreeds.

Young seed bulbs can flowering in the fourth year with appropriate care, and young light bulbs acquired vegetative, dividing newly formed light bulbs in the basis of their mother plant, in the 3rd year.

Amaryllis Flowers Secret Message

Every flower has a symbolical meaning behind it in addition to a secret message we need to understand. There are several intriguing stories behind specific flower kinds and family members that we could not occasion visualize.

Learning more about a specific flower much more is mosting likely to offer a much stronger significance to the act of gifting an individual you like this flower.

The Amaryllis flower is informing you to be positive and to flaunt every little thing you have. Symbolic definitions are produced by people and influenced by occasions that happen in our lives.

This beautiful flower is absolutely captivating and no person will go by it without checking out it. This flower represents unrequited love and charm, but it additionally represents pride and despair somehow.

Flower colors of the Amaryllis flower exist to help you share the right message to another person and aid you win over the person you such as or shock the individual you love. This lovely flower is mosting likely to be an attractive piece in your garden or arrangement inside your residence.

When Do Amaryllis Bloom?

You’ll find amaryllis is available to acquire and enjoy between November and April yet they’re normally motivated to flower just in time for the festive period. The ideal Christmas present!

When they grow, these sensational flowers need to look their winter best for up to three weeks, whether you’re enjoying them as a plant or as cuttings in a setup.

When is the Best Time to Give an Amaryllis Flower?

Think very carefully concerning the shade of the amaryllis flower you would love to offer to somebody before determining whether it is appropriate.

Nevertheless, in many cases, it is the excellent selection if you would love to reveal someone that you have charming sensations toward them– or if you intend to merely reveal somebody just how much they indicate to you. It is the perfect present for anyone that you believe is special or special at all.

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