Artificial Fake Succulents

Artificial Fake Succulents

Everything You Need to Know About Faux Plants

Artificial succulents plants have a bad track record worldwide of interior design. To some people, they are just a little better than weeds in the plant kingdom hierarchy. And honestly, the faux plants of yesteryear deserved this bad rap. They were made from thick plastic and looked about as real as you ‘d expect (that is to state: not real at all).

Thankfully, those days are long gone and the faux plants these days are practical, lasting, and definitely gorgeous. They look so real that you may even find yourself watering them – whoops!

If you desire to infuse your house with some greenery and decorate with indoor plants but aren’t sure genuine plants are for you, think about some faux options. Still not persuaded? Read on to get some of your burning questions addressed and discover a little bit more about why it might be time to alter your tune on faux plants being a faux pas!

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What’s So Excellent About Faux Plants, Anyway?

Faux Artificial Succulent Plants

1. They’re Low Maintenance

If you’ve had a hard time to keep your plants alive, and often discover yourself overwatering or letting them dry out, listen up! With faux plants, you get all the appeal without the worry. Plus, no more asking the next-door neighbors to take care of your plants while you’re on vacation– you can have your tree and not water it, too!

While real plants can be fragile, faux plants are as lovely as they are resilient. Not just do faux plants last for years, they also preserve their great looks the entire time.

2. They Look Good

Among the very best benefits of faux plants today is how genuine they look. Unless you really know your method around the garden, you probably can’t tell the difference with the brand-new, much better products used today.

At Modsy, we partnered with the leading maker of artificial plants, DW Silks, to add some of the long-lasting and most-popular faux plants to our catalog. We’ve called them our So-Real-You-Can’ t-Tell-They-Are-Fake-Line. Nobody will ever call your striped agave an imposter!

3. They’re Versatile

Possibly the best benefit of faux plants is that you can put them anywhere. When you are a parent to real plants, you have to accommodate your photosynthesizing children by providing the ideal area and sunlight amounts to prosper. On the other hand, faux plants flourish no matter where you put them, regardless of your environment!

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So, Should I Get Real or Phony Plants?

Different Faux Fake and Real Succulent Plants

Ah, the heart of the matter: is faux or real the method to go for you? This totally depends upon the person. But here are a few things to consider:


Real plants need more work than faux ones. So, consider how much maintenance time you ‘d like to put into the greenery in your house. Faux is the method to go if semi-regular dusting is all you can muster. Exact same for if you travel a lot for work, as it can be tough to keep up a constant watering schedule.

Nevertheless, it can be rewarding to look after something and enjoy it grow. Possibly you need to give real plants a shot if you do not mind putting in some facetime with your plant babies and digging your hands in the dirt! (Just make certain to dig into our houseplant care guide prior to you start!).


When comparing the merits of faux vs genuine plants, consider your house’s environment, specifically the lighting and temperature. Some plants require certain living conditions to thrive. If your house does not get a lot of natural light, certain plants may not more than happy there. If your home’s air is incredibly dry or you like to keep things cold, but you like the appearance of tropical plants, you may face issues.

Think of what types of plants you’re drawn to, then do some simple research to see if they’ll flourish in your home’s environment. That can help figure out where your real plants enter your house or if you should choose faux plants because they can go anywhere!

Family Dynamics

The presence of kids or pets in your house can likewise be a huge determining factor in if you get phony or real plants. Particular plants are just irritating or poisonous to the digestive system if ingested, so you wish to be conscious of the real plants that you do bring into a house if you have a pet or toddler who might enter into your plants.

And if you have a kiddo who enjoys to check out or a dog with an out-of-control wagging tail, plants can quickly tip over. With real plants, the dirt can spill and spread all over the place. That may drive some individuals nuts while others may see that as merely foregone conclusion.

So, your household characteristics and personal preferences can impact your option of plants, and even the kinds of plants you get if you choose to go for the genuine deal.

Ability Level

Do you have a green thumb or have you eliminated every houseplant you’ve ever owned? While you can certainly level up your plant care abilities, if all your plants die, perhaps go faux. No pity because!

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How to Decorating with Artificial Succulents

Decorating with Fake Artifial Succulents

Consider artificial succulents. They are desert plants and can elicit feelings of warmer climates. They are gorgeous and special and may be what your home needs to take your décor to the next level.

Succulents are pretty neutral in color and can match any house design making them a great choice to include an aspect of nature to your home.

Why Faux Over Real

Selecting an artificial succulent is everything about selecting the best one. The right one will look just like the real thing and will trick your houseguests into believing you have a green thumb to keep your succulents alive.

There are might reasons why phony succulents are better than genuine succulents consisting of:.

  • You don’t need to water them.
  • If you have pets you do not need to worry about them getting into your plant and making a mess.
  • Artificial succulents need no upkeep except for a periodic cleaning.
  • They can prosper throughout your home since they do not require sunshine.

Succulents are Great for Boho Décor

Boho decoration is becoming progressively popular and succulents become part of this house embellishing style.

Boho décor is characterized by natural, diverse and earthy colors. Plants, especially succulents, is a big part of this style.

If you’ve been desiring to turn your house into a boho paradise, then succulents are right for you.

Deciding Which Shade is Right for Your Home

Succulents and their planters come in a variety of tones. Mostly greens and some purples, succulents match just about any home decoration choices.

There are orchid combinations and fake succulents to achieve a neutral and colorful combination if you want to add a pop of color.

Succulents with a little purple in them are a fantastic choice if you desire mostly neutral with a little color.

You ought to decide for green succulents in white or clear planters if you’re looking for something that is strictly neutral.

Where to Put Your Fake Succulents

The charm of artificial succulents is that they do not need sunshine so they can actually be put throughout your house.

Some places to consider putting your fake succulents include:.

  • Coffee tables.
  • Bookshelves.
  • Bathroom counters.
  • As centerpieces on your kitchen table.
  • On your nightstands.

Selecting Planters for Your Succulents

There are a variety of planters that you can choose from for your artificial succulents. They add to the ambiance of these plants and assist finish the try to find your design.

When selecting your phony succulents, pay attention to the planter that it comes in so that you’ll enjoy the method it looks in your home.

There are numerous to choose from including white concrete planters, wood planters, vases with faux water in them, hanging baskets, and vibrant planters.

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The Top 10 Artificial Succulents

Given that our succulents are so popular and our consumers love them, we have a heap to choose from. If you want some inspiration here are our leading 10 most popular artificial succulents.

Southwest Set Collection of 3.

This set of agave succulents all look different yet they’re all basic and come in basic white planters. You can disperse them all over your living room since they match and look fantastic together when embellishing the very same room.

Succulent and orchid Garden in a Whitewashed Planter.

This spectacular alternative integrates a stunning orchid with neutral succulents. The whitewashed planter they can be found in appearances vintage producing an actually distinct ambiance.

Succulent Garden With Concrete Planter.

These artificial succulents are a range of various succulents making a complete garden. They come total with a concrete planter that will match any design.

Agave Silk Plant.

This is among the easier options. It includes an agave plant growing in all instructions. The agave silk plant can be found in an easy black planter and will look beautiful wherever you choose to put it.

Agave and Maiden Hair Artificial Plant in Hanging Basket.

This deep green hanging plant combines a succulent with flowing first hair. If you hang it indoors or outdoors, it’s UV resistant so you can choose.

Agave Succulent With Vase Set of 3.

These stunning yet basic faux agave plants can be found in clear vases with faux water at the bottom. This practical and simplified option will look excellent throughout your home.

Mixed Succulents Artificial Plant in Small Terra Cotta Vase.

This artificial succulent garden functions 3 kinds of succulents. Among them is red so it’s the ideal pick if you desire a pop of color. The succulents are nestled in a terra cotta planter making it fit well with southwestern decoration.

Echeveria Succulent in Rectangular Planter.

This alternative includes a set of 3 succulents in dark greens and purples. They being in a bed of white river rocks adding to the realistic look of this succulent garden.

Combined Succulent Garden in Tray.

This succulent garden includes a variety of life-like and gorgeous succulents. They can be found in a wooden tray which adds to the naturalness of this alternative.

Succulent Artificial Plant in Round Vase.

This succulent choice looks like a terrarium. It features red and green succulents with rocks at the bottom and faux water adding to the natural look of this plant.

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