How To Care For Succulents Indoors

How To Care For Succulents Indoors

Growing succulents inside your home can be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, with these basic pointers you’ll be able to much better take care of your indoor succulent collection.

As cute as they are, succulents don’t constantly make the very best indoor home plants. That does not suggest you shouldn’t grow them!

This post will teach you exactly how to grow stunning, healthy succulents inside your home.

Start With The Right Succulents

Euphorbia Trigona 'Royal Red'

Not all succulents are matched for indoor growing. Picking succulents that do not like full sun, but prefer shade or low light will make a big difference in the success of your indoor succulent garden.

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In general, succulents that have brilliant colors (such as reds, purples and oranges) do not succeed indoors. They require some direct sun and more light than is generally readily available indoors.

A great place to begin is with succulents that are naturally green. A couple of great examples consist of Haworthia and Gasteria ranges like the ones visualized listed below.

You can make a selection of succulents for house decor in the post on low light succulents and shade succulents.

As Much Light as Possible

Best Grow Light For Succulents Plants

What the next how to care for indoor succulents?

When succulents are inside your home it’s typically hard for them to get enough sunlight. Outdoors they typically require about 6 hours of bright, indirect sunshine each day.

Inside your home, you’ll want to place your succulents near a window that gets light all day. If this isn’t a choice, place your succulents near the brightest window or brightest area of your home or office.

Water More, However Less Frequently

care for indoor succulents

The greatest issue brand-new succulent growers confront with keeping their succulents alive indoors is watering. A lot so, that I’ve dedicated not just an entire post (you can read that here) however likewise a whole ebook to watering succulents.

It’s a big deal! Succulents require an unexpected amount of water to flourish. They do not like to be watered as regularly as many indoor plants.

I would not go so far as to say succulents hardly ever require water. So … here’s the offer …

Succulents like to have their roots soaked with water however then dry quickly. Watered again after the soil has actually been dry for a couple of days.

Lightly spraying succulents with water can help them endure for an amount of time, however if you truly want to grow, they require to follow the “soak and dry” technique.

Don’t Water Indoor Succulents Daily

How to watering indoor Cactus

That’s the quickest method to kill them.

Likewise understand that succulents have a dormant duration when do not require as much water then. Normally this remains in the cooler months of the year. Considering that they aren’t actively growing, they do not consume as much water.

I get several e-mails with individuals who think their succulents are passing away since the leaves are wilting and shriveling up. Here is a little trick, similar to all plants, ultimately the lower leaves of succulents are going to shrivel up and die.

You need to just be worried about dying leaves if the latest or uppermost leaves on your succulent are shriveling. You do not have anything to stress about if it’s simply the ones near the bottom of the stem (closest to the soil)!

Prevent Glass Containers (Or Anything That Doesn’t Drain)

Optimal Temperatures for Succulents

Glass containers usually aren’t a terrific long term potting option for succulents. They do not like to be sitting in soaked soil, so a glass jar or terrarium, which does not have anywhere for water to drain pipes out, is not going to make your succulent happy.

Another drawback to glass containers is lack of breathability. Succulents need good airflow to preserve healthy roots and therefore healthy stem and leaves.

If you have a glass container that you are and love figured out to plant your succulents in it, take a look at this post to learn about watering succulents in non-draining containers.

I really advise staying away from glass unless you know your succulent actually well and are confident in your watering skills if you can help it. And, if you want to find out everything about why my preferred pots to utilize inside are terra cotta and glazed ceramics, just click here!

You can discover a fantastic selection of pots with drainage holes for a great rate on Mountain Crest Gardens and Etsy. They offer terrific air flow and enable the soil to dry quickly.

Bugs Then Care For Succulents Indoors

How To Care For Succulents Indoors

If you are following healthy practices for your succulents as indoor house plants (correct watering, well draining pipes soil, light, air flow, and so on), bugs are usually not an issue.

… if you happen to buy a plant with bugs already, they can easily end up being a big headache.

A typical bug new growers encounter are gnats. Generally you’ll just get gnats if your soil remains too damp. Gnats are typically preventable by utilizing a well draining pipes soil mix and allowing your soil to dry in between watering.

Another bug that surface areas all too often is mealy bugs. They are nasty white little guys that hang on to your succulents for dear life.

If you do get mealy bugs, you’ll want to spray them with rubbing alcohol and put alcohol over the soil to eliminate any eggs they may have laid. Discover more about treating mealybugs here.

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