DIY Succulent Ball Topiary

DIY Succulent Ball Topiary

Succulents are such terrific plants. Succulents come in a great deal of sizes, colors and textures and they are relatively easy to maintain. To show them in a creative way, we suggest making this easy, yet stunning topiary succulents ball.

It takes a couple of days of basic preparations, however it is well worth it. If you love succulents as much as we do, this is the best spring DIY project for you.

It will need a little patience to make, given that you will need to wait for your moss ball to lose the excess wetness and for your plants to recover and develop the callus, but it will supply you with a terrific, alive decoration.

How To Make Succulent Ball Topiary

To make a succulent ball topiary for outside and indoor design you’ll need a 4 ″ sphagnum moss ball, scissors, succulents and something to hang it.

Soak the moss ball and use the scissors to poke holes in the ball and then place the cuttings with the succulents you have– add them close together until the ball is totally covered.

You can have fun with colors and textures selecting different succulents. Now you can hang them as you like or perhaps add a stem and put outside. By the way, it’s an excellent concept for decoration.

2nd idea: For an additional big succulent globe I in some cases use two wire hanging baskets wired together – make certain you use a strong chain to hang these up as they are much heavier than a regular basket.

Coco fiber (coir) liners are pre-formed to fit in a number of sizes. Or use burlap, canvas or other cloth, lining the bottom third of the ball inside with plastic – cut or poke a hole in it to let out excess water.

Fill the wire frame with potting soil– I use primarily Sunshine Mix # 4 as it has a water maintaining polymer, making the succulent ball a lot more upkeep complimentary, but you can use any kind of soil defined for cactus, as it has much better drain.

Make certain the potting soil is firmly tamped down as it will settle. Because the sides are wire, garden spheres like this that are lined with only coir dry out rapidly, causing the soil to diminish, so overstuffing it is very important – do not stint the soil.

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Don’t Water! For Succulent Ball Topiary

Stab a sharp knife into the ball and insert cuttings of Sedum, or the stolon ends of Sempervivum chicks.

It’s essential not to water at all up until the cuttings begin to form roots, generally in a week or even two weeks. Let them start to grow roots to look for wetness.

I’ve had excellent success with using chicks that have just a few roots, pinned in place with a barrette of wire bent in half.

They root rapidly through the summer season, and then you don’t have to damage the coir to get them in place.

How To Make Succulents Garden

Preserving succulent gardens isn’t hard at all. You just need to be mindful with the watering schedule and the place you keep them. The very best method to cultivate succulents is to grow them inside containers, which are simple to move, too.

Care of your Succulent Ball

Requiring almost no care except for the periodic watering in very dry conditions, your succulent ball will flourish with twice yearly watering with compost tea.

You can add sluggish release fertilizer in the form of worm castings sprayed on the top.

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Winter Care For Succulent Ball Topiary

Typically, if the plants in your succulent ball are hardy succulents, simply take the ball and location it on the ground and cover with leaves if you don’t typically get excellent snow cover.

You can make a frame of chicken wire to stop the leaves from blowing away. This will be enough to protect the plants for the winter.

Use hardware fabric and make an entirely enclosed frame to stop the vermin from chewing on the lining or the plants if you have a lot of voles or mice.

If you’ve utilized tender succulent plants such as Echeveria take the ball inside and display in a brilliant window, turning it occasionally to prevent the plants extending towards the light.

Water sparingly till new development appears in the spring.

Your succulent ball should last a minimum of a season or 2 without any significant care, after that the plants may need to be secured and reinstalled if they are getting too crowded.

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Tips About Succulents Care

The best method to appreciate your succulents is to keep them ideally watered. They do not need much water and you ought to try to water the soil rather than water the leaves and plant itself.

Don’t overdo it, because these plants are established to live in water scarce environment. Succulents and Sunshine has a great deal of excellent ideas to take care of your indoor succulents.

Popular Succulent Plants

There are lots of succulent plants species you can select from. The Burro’s Tail plant, the sneaking sedum, the Hens-and-Chicks succulent, the Jade Plant ant the Medicine Plant (Aloe vera) are just a small section of the available.

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