Heather Flower Meaning

Heather Flower Meaning

The hardy, quite plant known as heather is possibly best known for covering the moors of Scotland with its gorgeous purple blossoms. Nevertheless, the heather plant is more than just an attractive ground cover. It has played a crucial function in history and beyond that, it has a much deeper symbolic meaning for people.

History of Heather Flower

Heather is belonging to the areas of Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia and North America. Heather is understood for its hardiness and its capability to thrive in areas with poor, rocky soil and extreme temperatures.

For this reason, the heather plant played an important historic role in every day life, as it was used as thatch for roof, bed linen, fuel, and the making of brooms, baskets and rope. Although heather still grows wild in many parts of the world, it has actually likewise been cultivated as a garden and landscaping plant, and cuttings are often used in official flower plans.

#The hardy, pretty plant called heather is possibly best understood for covering the moors of Scotland with its stunning purple flowers.

#Although heather still grows wild in numerous parts of the world, it has also been cultivated as a garden and landscaping plant, and cuttings are often used in formal flower arrangements.

Taxonomic Scientific Name of Heather Flower

The taxonomic name of the heather plant is Calluna vulgaris, originating from the Greek “Kallune,” which implies “to tidy or brush” and the Latin “vulgaris,” which implies “common.” The name refers both to the fact that in the past wild heather was typically made into brooms for sweeping, and that it is a very common plant in the regions where it grows.

Color Variety of Heather Flower

While the most typical color associated with wild heather is purple, the plant has actually been cultivated into various colors consisting of white, pink, a vast array of purples and even red.

What Is the Heather Flower?

The heather flower stems from Europe and South Asia. It is characterized by small purple, pink, or white flowers with a fantastic scent that grows on the mountains cliffs, or grows in a vibrant field.

Since it grows in uneven areas, the heather flower was thought about to be very strong. Related to this, it’s interesting to discuss that heather flowers were used to put together brooms.

What Does the Heather Flower Symbolize?

Heather flowers have several significances, and they’re worthwhile of being known. A heather flower suggests independence and confidence, as it grows in places that are rather hard for any other flower to grow.

If you wish to inform somebody that you think they’re independent and they can deal with any hard circumstance, a heather floral arrangement would be a terrific concept as a gift.

It likewise is seen as a sign of all the best. It was thought that bringing a heather flower into your house or bring one with you brings you good luck. You can also put one at your work desk. It would also be an excellent present for somebody who needs a little bit of best of luck in something they wish to attain.

A heather flower is likewise a sign of admiration for those who are around them, that makes them an excellent gift for someone you wish to reveal your love sensations to or to send them a message of just how much you admire them and value their presence in your life.

We can definitely state that heather flowers are likewise a sign of charm, as they can be found in various gorgeous colors, so you can use them to the ladies in your life to let them down they are loving and beautiful, similar to the flowers.

In Scotland, they have a really powerful meaning because of a legend. There was when a lady named Malvina who was engaged to a warrior, Oscar. Oscar was eliminated in a battle, and a messenger delivered Malvina this message along with heather flowers that were a token of love.

Malvina wished that whoever got heather flowers have joy and all the best, that’s why individuals in Scotland consider heather flowers as a sign of protection. They just use white heather flowers, as they’re a sign of pureness, innocence, joy, and even perfection.

We all understand that each color has a various sign, and they affect the total meaning of a flower. The color of a flower alters the symbol of it, and we ought to beware about each one and provide them on suitable occasions.

The colors of the heather flowers likewise play a big part in their symbolism, so we should take note of what each color indicates to avoid passing the wrong message.

What Do Different Colors Mean?

They can be purple, and the purple heather flowers signify adoration and charm. They can be an ideal gift for informing someone how lovely and important they are to you and how much regard and appreciation you have for them.

A pink heather flower is a symbol of femininity, love, passion, so you can quickly use it to express your love sensations towards the beautiful, loved lady in your life. A pink bouquet of heather flowers can reveal your love and can tell a person how much you want them to be part of your life.

The white heather flower signifies best of luck, defense, and purity. It can be both utilized in house decorations for bring in all the best and positive energy into your house and in wedding floral plans, as it represents pureness and innocence. There was a legend that stated that any place you see heather flowers blossoming, there are also fairies leaving close by it.

Some people also relate heather flowers to good luck and fortune and choose to bring them at all times like a lucky appeal.

In ancient times, the red and pink heather flowers were connected to blood. That’s why they were thought about as an indication of bad luck and people prevented to take them into their houses or offer them as a gift.

Heather Flower Cultural Significance

Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish writer and poet, write a poem entitled Heather Ale. This poem informs the tale of Vikings and the Pictish King.

According to the poem, the Vikings defeated the Picts army and cornered the king and his boy on a cliff in an attempt to get the dish for Heather Ale. The king would rather be thrown off the cliff than offer up the recipe. He loses the battle, but takes the secret dish to his grave.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristic of the Heather Flower

  • Has anti – microbial homes
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory – astringent or clearing quality to it
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Diuretic – used to deal with cystitis
  • Likewise grows wild in Mexico and is used to treat cancer – the Spanish name is Cancerina or Chanclana or Alcancer

Heather is frequently referred to as the queen of winter since it blooms in the winter, even under the snow, with opulent bellflowers of red, white or pink. The evergreen has the needles on the branches and it usually grows as a garden plant with a height of up to 30 cm and a size of 50 cm.

Heather types has more than 800 varieties, some of which grow a couple of feet up. The greatest is Heather (wood of the heath) that can rise to 7 meters.

It is frequently incorrect with the Erica flower (the honeysuckle, Calluna vulgaris) that when belonged to the same genus, but the botanists later on distinguished it as an unique (Calluna).

The shade of the Heather varies in that it has fewer leaves (2-15 mm, and 2-3 mm), a smaller flower (the Heather has a bellflower that goes to the ground and the beard has a floral crown of separate latices) and time flowering (Heather bloom in winter and spring, and raisins in summer season and in the breeze).

Heather is likewise referred to as the winter or spring heat, and the moonlight are summer season or autumn. Various varieties of erythos are able to grow in various conditions (from planters to plants to thick ones) and blossom at various times of year, from low shrubs to stables.

For our gardens the most interesting Heather carnea and Heather darleyensis, which flower from late autumn to spring, are everlasting, and with strong cold needle colors alter in bronze. Heather gracilis and Heather hyemalis are grown as indoor plants.

Heather is generally autochthonous plants of South Africa, and just some species originate from Europe. In nature they grow in mountainous plains, on acidic soils.

And in the garden they choose acidic soils, but they will get used to the soil they grow, even if they are somewhat alkaline. It is important that it is planted on a humid, well-drained and rich soil, in a warm or slightly shady position.

It requires a great deal of moisture, so it has to be watered in the summer season every day, and throughout autumn and winter when needed, so it will never be dry.

During the flowering of Heather, feed every 2 weeks with liquid fertilizer acid reaction. After flowering, at the end of the winter, it is needed to prune the shoots to expose a compact, shrunken appearance and start a new flowering cycle at soon as possible.

Seedlings from nurseries are transplanted from August to late autumn. It is breaded with cuttings (in July and August) and by sharing busses (in August and September).

Twigs are taken for cuttings of 3-5 cm long. Put them in the ground and secure them with a nylon or plastic bottle, so occasionally raise them to get the plant to get air. For three weeks, the plants will be rooted and then seeded into pots. You plant them for an irreversible place in the garden.

In the garden can be planted as singular low bush, along the paths, in rocky premises, in front of high perennials, in balconies, are also popular as graves of flowers. Soil covers can also be used if they are organized on bigger locations, so-called. moor. L.

et them be at least 5, and the spacing at planting ought to be at least 25 cm. Consider that in the 2nd year of growing the plant will expand rapidly– brighter specimens as much as 50 cm in diameter.

Heather Flower – Secret Message

Flowers were always a big part of our lives whatever the occasion was. We still use flowers for the same causes, yet we most definitely found out a lot from our forefathers and their stories. Much like every flower has its own symbolic meaning every flower has its very own secret message that we require to recognize and execute on your life.

The message behind the Heather flower is good luck and good luck. This flower is advising you to constantly look at the brighter side of life and to never come down and really feel clinically depressed.

Some of the significances that are alive today and linked to particular flower species go back centuries and are developed by cultures that lived near these flower types and picked up from them.

The Heather flower is abundant and go back centuries and it is certainly a tip to maintain believing in the advantages in life.

What Do Heather Flowers Smell Like?

Heather is a shrubby plant that grows lengthy racemes of small bell-like flowers in soft pinks, lavender, copper, eco-friendly, gold, magenta, red and white. The common heather is Calluna vulgaris and is the only real Scots heather regarding which poetic Gaelic prose has been penciled.

The plant is discovered growing in acidic poor soils in its indigenous Europe and Asia Minor and is a preferred landscape plant in the United States. Heather has a lengthy history of use as an aromatic oil, packing for cushions, mixture component and also as a mop. The fresh fragrance of heather is hard to describe because of its nuance, yet has few floral notes and is extra herb-like and earthy.


Heather is a low-growing shrub or bush that only grows 4 to 24 inches tall. The plant is hardy to United States Department of Agriculture zones 4 to 6 and is dry spell resistant once it is developed.

Heather is evergreen and has several seasons of interest. Its fresh intense environment-friendly new growth in springtime enlivens the plant. Summer season companions in lengthy colorful stems with a wide variety of flowers. In loss, the vegetation adjustments hue and deepens and grows richer in tone.

Heather is a shrubby plant that expands long racemes of small bell-like flowers in soft pinks, lavender, copper, green, gold, magenta, white and red.

The fresh aroma of heather is hard to describe as a result of its nuance, but has few floral notes and is much more earthy and herb-like.


Heather flowers are little cup-shaped blossoms flanked with more upright sepals and having a darker corona. The flowers can bloom from late spring well right into autumn and have a soft fragrance that is nearly undetectable unless you are in an area of the plant in flower.

The racemes or stems may get anywhere from 1 to 12 inches long and new growth arises on the ideas of them after the flowers are spent. The tiny flowers are less than 1/4 inch long but their massed characteristic can transform a mountainside into a palette of relocating shade.


Heather is described as being woody and mossy by the scent marketer, The Good Scents Company. A Scottish fable claims God provided heather flowers the fragrance of honeysuckle.

The light scent is appealing and fresh and is frequently combined with various other aromatic oils. Heather is an aroma that is usually consisted of in masculine bathroom and body care products, which is possibly due to its extremely light floral tones and very heavy musky tones. Heather oil is used as an aromatic in many applications and has centuries of olfactory enthusiasts.

Heather flowers are little cup-shaped blooms flanked with more erect sepals and having a darker corona.
The flowers can grow from late spring well into autumn and have a soft scent that is practically undetectable unless you are in an area of the plant in blossom.


Heather has a long history as a structure product, tinder, supporting and bed linen, weaving fiber and light source to name a few uses. In standard crafts it was made use of to color material and in paint as well as a part of precious jewelry.

Heather is a flavoring agent for both food and beverage yet it provides many beers and spirits their particular taste. Heather white wine uses the growing racemes of the plant in a fermented procedure to generate the beverage.

Teas, honey and a mead-like drink are likewise typically still made from heather. The scent market has its finger on the pulse of the scented. Heather belongs to lots of body care products consisting of hair shampoos, body washes, creams, fragrances and soaps.

Heather has a lengthy history as a structure material, tinder, cushioning and bedding, weaving fiber and light to name a few usages.
In conventional crafts it was utilized to dye fabric and in paint in addition to an element of jewelry.

Are Heather Flowers Edible?

Numerous lamb and deer regard Heather plants as their primary food source, particularly when these plants are below the snow. Despite the fact that nowadays Heather flowers are still used to make liquors, they are not typically made use of in recipes, salads, or any other sort of cuisine.

Are Heather Flowers Fragrant?

Heather flowers are extremely great smelling. They are commonly explained to have a strong fragrance comparable to honeysuckle. Its fragrance is floral and very fresh.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Heather Flower?

Heather flowers have several buildings that make them a really beneficial plant for day-to-day use. They are a great choice for urinary system and digestive medications.

Herbal Benefits of Heather Flowers Throughout History

The Celts and the Druids found the positive effects of this plant. They utilized it to cleanse the gastrointestinal system after consuming, but also when trying to damage blockages of blood. They took into consideration the Heather plants as something magical.

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