How To Repotting Succulents [The Right Way]

How To Repotting Succulents [The Right Way]

How To Repotting Succulents – Right here’s a fast, easy, and comprehensive guide on how to repot succulents the proper way. Many times you may harm your cactus if you don’t recognize how to repot a cactus securely.

Whether you are an enthusiastic gardener or new to plant-care, cacti and succulents are a fantastic plant selection. These plants are lovely and distinct. And also, they’re simple to care for and difficult to eliminate.

When it involves taking care of your succulents and cacti, the fundamentals are basic: do not water too often and make certain they have some sunlight.

You may, nonetheless, also need to find out how to repot a cactus or succulent. Nevertheless, these plants don’t intend to invest their whole lives in one container. They need area to grow! That’s where finding out how to repot a cactus can be found in really helpful.

Whether you have actually been a succulent master for the past 10 years or you simply acquired your extremely first succulent plant, knowing how to repot succulents appropriately is crucial for long life.

Below you will discover a step-by-step process on how exactly to repot your succulent, so you can do it efficiently.

Simple : Unboxing Before Repot Succulent

  • 1When you open your Succulent Studios box, utilize the “Pull” tabs to meticulously eliminate the leading two items of cardboard that are protecting your succulents in position.
  • Draw the succulents from their box by lifting from the now-exposed part of the pot.
  • Eliminate all rubber bands, wood woollen, and any other materials that are securing your succulent and its dust.

But it’s not as easy as the 3 steps listed above. To learn more fully, let’s read this article in full so that the succulents you move to the pots can grow according to your wishes.

Coution Before To Repot New Succulent From Store From Buying

Ceramics Pot For Succulents

You bought a new succulent plant to add your collection

When you acquire a lovely succulent plant at your regional shop, they generally come in those tiny, economical black plastic containers. (You recognize what i’m discussing).

Not only do these plastic containers look gruesome in your home, they additionally obstruct the growth of your succulent plant.

Make certain you repot your succulent after you purchase it with soil and potting mix that is beneficial for your succulent. You do not want to wait too long before you repot it, I would safely say no more than 2 weeks.

You have a suspicion that when watering your succulent, it really feels “weird” or “different”

If your cherished succulent plant appears to dry out rapidly soon after watering it, hence requiring more regularity in watering, it can be a sign that you might need to repot your succulent. Sometimes the planter or pot you utilize might not permit a good flow for the water to circumnavigate the plant completely.

If your succulent isn’t absorbing the water, this can be one more indication that your pot is too tiny. Your succulent will not be able to fully use it’s roots stress and anxiety cost-free if it’s also tight and confined. Take into consideration a bigger pot.

Your succulent looks it’s outgrowing its pot

Do it an incredible favor and repot it if you succulent plant looks like it’s outgrowing the present pot that it’s in. (Succulents need room to grow just like you and I). If you see the origins out growing all-time low of the planter or pot repot it.

Sometimes the plant looks squeezed within the existing pot and this is another indicator that you should repot your succulent plant to ensure that it remains to grow healthy. It’s asking for a brand-new home!

You do not want to upset your succulent plant do you?

Plain and simple, you can’t remember the last time you repotted your flourishing succulent

If it’s been days, weeks and then years considering that the last time you repotted (or loved), this can be an informing indication that it’s time to change points up.

It is necessary to know that when considering repotting, it may not be essential to really make a modification in the pot or planter itself. You might need to switch points up with the soil and positioning as opposed to the pot or planter.

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How Often Should I Repot Succulents

How To Repotting Succulents

All plants have a various time frames for when they develop out of their current pot, but a lot of plants need to be repotted in between 12 and 18 months. Though it’s perfect to repot your succulent plants every 12 to 18 months in order to keep it healthy, there are exceptions.

Some succulent plants can invest a few years in their planters or pots prior to it requires another modification.

Tip Idea – Even if it’s technically not time to repot, see to it you consistently transform out the soil. This is SUPER advantageous for the plant.

Why? New soil has a bunch of essential nutrients that the succulents need to make it through and grow! Change points up a bit if the soil looks old.

Springtime is expanding period for your indoor succulents. Fuel them up with a little extra water and brand-new soil. Watch them grow like the stunning succulents you see on instagram.

What Supplies Do I Need to Repot Succulents

I Need to Repot Succulents

A New Pot: See to it it’s larger than the pot you’re transferring the succulent from and has a water drainage opening at the bottom (really crucial). Flavor points up a bit and get an enjoyable new cool pot that your succulent and house will like.

New Soil: The nutrients from the new soil will make your plant prosper. Similar to us, your succulent plants need rich soil (or food) to grow healthy and balanced and tackle their lives.

A trowel: Don’t understand what a trowel is? It’s that little child shovel! When getting rid of the plant from it’s existing pot, use it.

Be certain to use metal tweezers to assist you plant them successfully and meticulously if you’re repotting smaller succulents or circulating seeds and buds.

Repotting Succulents: When to Repot Your Cacti and Succulents

How to Repot Cacti & Succulents

To start, you should know the right time to repot your succulents. Succulents are usually put in small and tight pots, they will eventually outgrow their pot and need a bigger pot to grow better. There’re a few signs that will let you know:

  1. The roots are too tight, and sometimes they may stick out of the pot holes for more space.
  2. Water does not soak through the whole pot or the soil drains too fast after watering (a few hours).
  3. The plant looks unhealthy (given adequate lighting and water).
  4. The plant topples over the pot.

As you think of repotting succulents, first you need to ask yourself whether your cactus or succulent needs to be repotted. How do you understand whether it is the right time to repot succulents? When it’s a great idea to repot a cactus, right here are some clear situations for.

1. When you first buy it. It possibly came in a tiny black plastic pot if you got a plant from an equipment store or greenhouse. You’ll possibly intend to repot succulents after that and place your succulents in something better. Terracotta pots are a wonderful choice for cacti and succulents; we’ll get into why later in this tutorial on how to repot succulents.

If the container is also small. Occasionally the cactus grows so much that it’s the same size as the opening of the pot.

3. Even if the plant looks fine from the top, a container is as well small if the origins are growing out of the drainage openings at the end of the pot. If you can see origins, the container is most likely too small.

4. Every 4 years is usually the correct time to repot succulents. If your cactus hasn’t outgrown its pot in four years, you might still intend to repot a cactus in order to freshen up the soil. Repotting succulents every four years keeps them healthy.

” This cactus requires a slightly bigger pot because there was no space for it to continue growing. It’s also a brand-new plant, so still in the plastic container from the store. Discovering how to repot succulents safely is essential”

What Kind of Pot Should You Make Use Of to Repot Succulents?


You require to locate a new pot prior to you repot a cactus once you’ve chosen to repot a cactus or succulent. Although cacti and succulents can grow in almost any container, I still recommend terracotta pots.

These pots have a porous surface which enables moisture to get away. This protects against rot and mold and mildew and maintains the soil completely dry.

Whether or not you utilize terracotta, you intend to ensure that your container has a good drainage system. Both cacti and succulents like completely dry soil and will certainly rot if the dust is too moist. Other than rot, wet soil can lead to fungus growing in the pot together with your plant.

If you do wish to utilize a nontraditional pot with no water drainage hole, you can create your very own water drainage system by utilizing pebbles. Use bigger rocks at the bottom of the container, followed by smaller pebbles, and afterwards your soil.

Lastly, you require to identify the dimension of your container when repotting succulents. It can be alluring to get a large pot in order to provide your cactus plenty of room to grow, you actually desire a pot that’s only a little bit bigger than the previous pot. Cacti like small, comfortable rooms.

“Another benefit of repotting succulents: these porous pots assist dry the soil and prevent root rot. They can be found in numerous dimensions and can be located in any type of equipment or horticulture shop.”

What Type of Soil Should You Use

soil to repotting succulents

Cacti and succulents want a nutrient-rich soil with moisture control and drain. For my succulent plants, I made use of the Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Cactus, Hand, and Citrus. Nonetheless, there are numerous other brands that offer soil blends particularly created for these desert plants.

Cactus soil might include rock dust, sand, potting soil, perlite, and peat moss. As long as you have great drain and do not overwater your desert plant, the specific soil type won’t matter as much. Like I said, these are hardy succulent plants!

I utilized Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, and Citrus Potting Mix for my cacti and succulents. The fast-draining formula likewise avoids origin rot.

How to Keep From Getting Pricked

how to repot succulents together

The most intimidating part of repotting a cactus is probably dealing with the thorns. You may assume this post should really be called “How to Repot a Cactus Without Obtaining Pricked?

Don’t fret! Repotting a cactus isn’t as impossible as it seems. Right here are some methods to relocate these irritable plants without injury.

  • Use handwear covers. No matter what type of cactus you have, if it has thorns, you need to wear handwear covers. Use horticulture handwear covers, job gloves, or leather gloves for the most defense.
    You can use gardening handwear covers or work gloves for repotting cacti. Simply make certain your gloves have thick adequate material to safeguard your skin.
  • Use kitchen tongs. Cooking area tools can be great when it comes to gardening. A pair of tongs will help you get control of a cactus without putting your fingers also near to the spinal columns.
    You can make use of either rubber tongs or steel tongues to move cacti. Just see to it not to squeeze too tightly or you might damage the cactus.

If you do not have tongs or handwear covers and don’t want to get them, you can make use of paper to secure your hands. Cover newspaper around the cactus and tape it.

Moving/Transfering Your Plant to the New Pot

how to repotting succulents in new pot

1. Now that you have your devices prepared, it’s time to start the process of transferring your cactus or succulent plants right into its brand-new home. Below are the actions:

Loosen the dust from the initial pot for the succulents making use of chopsticks or your hands. Transform the pot laterally or bottom-side-up to move the succulent plant out.

To prevent destructive this fragile succulent plant, I let it slide out on its own as opposed to attempting to pull it out.

2. If the succulents are stuck, you can poke chopsticks with the water drainage holes to loosen it better.

Often the dust is so packed with the brand-new succulent from the shop that it needs a little help loosening from the edges of the plants container.

3. Delicately clean away some of the jam-packed dust around the roots of the succulents. If the origin system is damaged or fragile, you might want to leave even more of the previous dust attached to prevent damaging your cactus or succulent.

The origins of this plant had some damage, so it was necessary to loosen the dust carefully to stay clear of damaging any one of the roots.

4. Fill the new pot for the succulents about two-thirds of the method with fresh soil.

Depending on how much of the plant you desire visible over the pot, you may want essentially dust than this. The size of the plant and the length of its roots will certainly also affect just how much soil you desire in to pot.

5. Carefully place the plant right into the brand-new pot.

Create a tiny opening for the origins, after that established the plant into the new soil.

6. Include extra dust to cover the roots totally. For most succulents and cacti, you desire the plant sitting simply above the soil. Level the soil and pat down to make sure the cactus or succulent is protected in its brand-new house and will not fall over.

This succulent now has adequate space for its origin system. As it gets used to the brand-new pot, the fallen leaves and stem will certainly reinforce and continue to grow.

Last Steps How To Repot Succulents

Drainage Pots For Succulents Plants

Now that your plant has a new residence, there are some last steps to make sure that it changes rapidly.

Though you might intend to sprinkle your cactus as soon as possible, it’s finest to leave it for a week or 2 so it can get used to the brand-new soil initially. As soon as you have actually offered it those 2 weeks, you can begin watering as regular.

You can utilize those trimmings to circulate brand-new plants if any kind of leaves fell off throughout the repotting procedure. Establish them on a moist paper towel for a week to allow them completely dry, after that set the leaves on soil, water, and watch them grow!

When you repot a cactus aren’t dead, broken fallen leaves! They can be circulated right into brand-new plants.

Move your cactus or succulent to a bright place, but stay clear of straight sunshine. There are numerous species of succulent, and some need more sunshine than others. See your plant to see how it reacts toward the sun.

If it looks brownish and wilted, it might be obtaining too much sunlight. If it’s leaning toward light, it may mean that it isn’t getting enough direct light. Inevitably, you simply require to have fun with the place until you locate a place in your house where the cactus or succulent is flourishing.

Water occasionally and appreciate your plant once it’s resolved in its area. You’ll be able to delight in a trouble-free plant for numerous years to find prior to you need to think about how to repot succulents and how to repot a cactus once more.

The plants currently have room for the origin system, and will certainly grow quicker thanks to the fresh soil and extra space.

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