Painted Succulents

Painted Succulents

The bright colors will catch your eye, but what are you really getting when you buy painted succulents?

Let me start by stating I’m not here to judge. If painted succulents actually delight you, that’s OK by me. I ‘d be less than truthful if I didn’t confess up front that these fancy flora are actually not my thing.

Today I’m sharing a few of my concerns with you, and a word or two of caution. If you run out after reading this and buy a potful of painted succulents, at least you’ll do it knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Over the last couple of years, these screens of vibrant plants have captured my eye at the nurseries of several huge box stores. In some cases by the registers, sometimes with other succulents, their vibrant hues are designed to make you stop and look twice.

So I did. Honestly, I was pretty horrified at what I discovered, due to the fact that it seemed to me that these plants were being marketed in a rather disingenuous style.

Kosmik Kaktus

Kosmik Kaktus -Painted Succulents
picture from

Kosmik Kaktus,” shouts the label. “A brand-new lineup of cacti with out-of-this-world color“. We’ll get to the “kaktus” part in minute, however let’s start with “a new line-up.” In the plant world, brand-new varieties of plants involve a lot of deal with the back end by horticulturalists.

They cross-breed and hybridize, seeking out special characteristics that gardeners may enjoy in their gardens. Their work is highly scientific and takes enormous commitment. Folks have been doing this work for centuries, producing whatever from the corn we enjoy to eat on the cob to numerous ranges of roses that fill our garden.

Instead, these plants are colored utilizing a color (said to be non-toxic and food-safe by the company, which appears to be part of Altman Plants). On close assessment, it appears the plants are either sprayed or dipped into this paint.

Now, succulents are indeed slow growers. These painted succulents may reveal color for months or even years, if they make it through that long. I can’t talk to how this color alteration might impact their photosynthesis.

Succulents go through photosynthesis a little differently from other plants, however they do still require it. It’s possible this color has no effect, but I definitely can’t state that for sure.

It appears most likely to me that most folks who buy these plants do it for the novelty aspect, and wind up leaving it on a windowsill to be forgotten and gradually die. (Again– no judgement. I have actually eliminated a lot of plants by disregard in my day).

A note about β€œkaktus” – savvy gardners will note that the plants shown here not cacti at all, but a different type of succulent known as haworthia.

The Kosmik Kaktus tag indicates that the company also offers actual cactus in these eye-catching shades, but it’s worth noting that cactus and haworthia have different care needs. If you do purchase one, look closely at the label on the of the plant to determine its type and requirements for care.

So, that just about me. If you want to keep coloring your favorite succulents, let’s see how to safely color your succulents.

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Is Painting Succulents Bad for Their Health?

how about painted succulents

These plants are tinted utilizing a color stated to be food-safe and safe by the company that painted them. Upon close evaluation, it appears the plants are either sprayed or dipped right into this paint.

Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that store water in leaves and stems. Plants utilize fallen leaves and stems to make food from sunlight (photosynthesize) and take a breath (transpire). Entirely coating the leaves with paint prevents this and will most likely kill the plants or, a minimum of, seriously wound them.

The majority of spray-painted succulents hang on a couple of months, living off their books, after that die. Paint can prevent succulents from flowering also.

Some do take care of to create brand-new, healthy growth and “outgrow” the paint, you’ll have to cut off the top and root it, in which instance it will certainly appear like a regular succulent (unless you want to paint it again).

Succulents are slow cultivators. These painted succulents might show shade for months or perhaps years, if they endure that long.

Succulents undergo photosynthesis a little in a different way from various other plants, however they do still require it.

It’s possible this color has no effect, nevertheless it seems more probable that lots of people who painted succulents do it for the uniqueness aspect, and end up leaving it on a windowsill to be neglected and slowly die.

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How to Paint Succulents

This is a fun craft to get kids involved in. My three year old daughter, Chloe saw me getting out the paints and got very excited. She loves to do crafts (I wonder where she gets that from?).

But dont worry if you want remove painted succulent. You can see the video above on how to remove a painted succulent.

Let’s see how to color a succulent that is safe and harmless to plants. Also check the example below.

Supplies for Painted Succulents

Look purple succulents ideas for make beauty and elegant room.

How to Paint a Succulent

You only need to choose plants that do have hard stems and leaves laid out so that the paint liquid does not enter the plant tissue.

Then choose a paint that is non-toxic and harmful to plants. So, you can simply apply or spray the paint to certain parts of the succulent slowly so that the succulent’s health is also maintained.

Don’t paint too often and give too much paint so that your succulent growth will continue to be as good as normal.

There are some examples of succulents painting results that hopefully can be your recommendation.

Painted Succulents Pictures

Lowes Painted Succulents

paint succulents pictures

without having skills in painting, you can innovate with many color variants with the shape of dots on your succulent.

painted succulent

This succulent looks more beautiful when you add paint, even if it’s just a dot model.

How ? Interested to try. Please try coloring succulents at home and use paints that are harmless to plants and animals.

Don’t over-paint and don’t forget to remove the paint when you’ve made the succulents a little less healthy.

Full Gold Painted Succulents

You can apply a gold effect to the tips of the succulent with harmless paint.

How to remove paint from painted succulents, you can watch at the video above.

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