Succulent Bouquet Garden Ideas

Succulent Bouquet Garden Ideas

Succulent Bouquet Garden Concepts

To give a more beautiful decoration at the wedding, it is very good to give bouquets from succulents.

To get various information and examples of ideas, let’s look at this article completely.

How to Make a Succulent Bouquet

Best Succulent Bouquet Garden Ideas

The majority of succulents don’t have long stems like flowers do.

You’ll require to actually develop a phony stem to allow the succulents sit at the very same level as the other flowers and plant in the bouquet. What you’ll require is:

  • floral tape
  • floral wire (at least 20 gauge unless your rosettes are small).

Cut the succulent you ‘d like to use from its stem. If using a child, or pull it out of the pot. Dust or rinse off the dirt.

Get the floral wire and run it through the stem. You need to use a little bit of judgment as succulent stems vary in width and toughness.

For a lot of, simply pierce the stem with the floral wire till the stem is threaded midway through the wire. Loop the wire around the stem and cover the wire’s ends together.

Repeat, if it’s a huge rosette or heavy succulent.

To give you an idea, I used two wires around the stem of this rosette which is about 4 ″ in size. I left its roots undamaged so that I can plant it later.

As soon as you have the floral wire located. Conceal the wire with floral tape from the stem to the end.

If you ‘d like to reuse them somewhere else in your yard or home, be sure to pull the succulents out before they begin to wilt.

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2nd Tip: How to Make Succulent Bouquet

Build Your Succulent Bouquets

Now that you have all the components in place, you can start creating your bouquet. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Get the succulents.

Eliminate your succulents from the pots and shake off the loose dirt around them. In some cases, you may also need to cut off their roots– you can use the flower shears to do so.

2. Make stems for the succulents.

To do this, you require to thoroughly discover the stem of the succulent and attach the wire through this stem. Do this really thoroughly so that the succulent does not break at the stem. Wrap the wire around the succulent stems.

3. Cover them with the floral tape.

This need to be done from the base of the leaves down to the end of the wire. It will thin out as you go lower down, and the short stem finishes. Where thin, you can cover the tape around 2 or three times.

4. Prepare your roses.

Take the stems and cut off the leaves at the bottom of the flowers. They should be within 2 inches of the flower if you do need to keep any of the leaves.

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5. Strengthen the stems.

This can be made with the flower wire. Take the stems of the roses and wrap the wire from the base of the blossom to midway down the stem.

6. Conceal the electrical wiring for the roses.

This can be made with floral tape. Starting from the base of the bloom, pull out the roll of tape and protect completion at the base, and then twist the flower up until you get to the end of the wire. This will likewise ensure that the wire does not uncoil.

7. Your flowers are ready. Arrange them into a bouquet.

Remember to organize the hanging succulents tactically. Put them together, and you will then have all the stems to hold in your hand. Around these stems, wrap the floral wire to keep everything in place.

8. Wrap the ribbon around the stems.

This will guarantee that the wire can not be seen. You can pin the ribbon in location. Make sure that the sharp parts of the pins are not poking out so that you do not cut yourself.

9. Cutting them.

The final piece of the puzzle, trim, whatever parts of the stem are poking out to your preferred length so that all is even. Use the flower shears for this.

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Choosing the Right Flowers

Decorating with Fake Artifial Succulents

Remember, succulents are not fans of water, so the bouquet that you prepare may not be suited to having in a vase in your home. Rather, those that are used for the day, such as wedding arrangements might be more perfect. With this in mind, here are some of the flowers that you can use to develop a DIY succulent bouquet.

# White Roses.

These offer height and vibrant petals or blooms which add on to the overall beauty of the bouquet.

# Alyssum.

These are tiny filler flowers that can be utilized to cover up any spaces within the bouquets.

# Echeveria Succulents.

There are several variations to select from, along with sizes. With their rosette developments, the Echeveria can be at the center of the succulent bouquet.

# Graptopetalum Bella (or similar flowering succulent).

This succulent features sensational brilliant pink flowers that add character to the bouquet.

# String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) Succulents.

These succulents include a centerpiece to the bouquet, offering it increased length while not interfering with the beauty of the flowers on the top.

# Youn can Use Artificial Succulent Too

Read more about them in other article, click here.

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DIY Succulent Bouquet Garden Ideas


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